Quality Assurance

Human lives depend on the quality and reliability of products, especially in the aircraft industry. Aerospool's main goal is dedicate itself to design, engineering and quality assurance. Every component and operation is checked several times using various techniques before assembling it to the aircraft. Their high quality production make them the difference in the aircraft industry market. The Aerospool company has more than 30 years of experience in composite production. Their experience in the construction of more than 850 WT9 series aircraft guarantees high quality manufacturing down to the last detail.

Aerospool also guarantee's their workmanship which gives prospective customers piece of mind. Other components are covered by their manufacturer, such as Rotax, Beringer, Garmin or Dynon. 

Need more information? Contact us to organise a flight in our demonstrator.

Worried about your engineer getting to know the aircraft? AvXen pty ltd use Istria Corp: Aircraft Engineering at YLIL. They have been looking after the WT9 since 2005! They are friendly and can answer your engineering questions as well as vouch for the workmanship and quality of the WT9.

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